With gratitude

mountain meadowMy thanks to all the fine writers who contributed an essay about a place that lingers in their minds. I’ve enjoyed every one of these articles.

I hope educators will use these essays in their classrooms to talk about how place creates a vital setting for readers.

Aimée Bissonette, “Pine Needles

John Coy, “This Place

Loretta Ellsworth, “Traveling to Poland

Janet Graber, “Barlow’s Bygones

Susan Latta, “Up North

Mary Losure, “This scene is real.”

Tracy Nelson Maurer, “Experiencing Scotland

Maggie Moris, “Look Again

Pat Schaffer, “Milking the Mares

Caren Stelson, “The Moss Forest of Yakashima Island

Stephanie Watson, “Hermitage House in St. Joseph, Minnesota

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