The House of All Sorts

Through an Artist’s Eyes, Part Four

It seemed fitting to end my journey to British Columbia visiting the house where Emily Carr grew up; to knock on the front door and be greeted by Jan Ross, curator of this National and Provincial Historic Site; to sit in the very parlor where Emily once sat; and learn more about this visionary whose art and life I so admired.

Through an Artist’s Eyes, Part Three

On the morning of our third full day in British Columbia, my husband Ralph and I departed for Victoria, the place of Emily Carr’s birth in 1871 and the city where she spent most of her life.

With gratitude

My thanks to all the fine writers who contributed an essay about a place that lingers in their minds.

Through an Artist’s Eyes, Part Two

In the weeks before traveling to British Columbia to see two major exhibitions of paintings by Emily Carr—one of Canada’s most celebrated and fascinating artists—I read and researched everything I could about her.

Through an Artist’s Eyes, Part One

The decision to travel to British Columbia this past November was an impulsive one, uncharacteristic of my ‘long-range planning’ approach to life acquired during my career as a public school administrator. My invitation to do so appeared on the front page of the New York Times Travel Section on October 2, 2017, with the headline: “Vancouver Island, Through an Artist’s Eyes.”

Janet Graber

Barlow’s Bygones

Author Janet Graber, who has lived in many places throughout the world, shares one of her favorites, her hometown, Newcastle upon Tyne.

St. Anthony Falls, Adobe Stock

This Place

John Coy is working on a picture book about place like nothing he’s done before.

Pat Schaffer riding a horse in Mongolia

Milking the Mares

Not far from the round white felt house called a ger, the family had strung a line between two posts. About ten horses were tethered there. “Would you like to help with milking the mares?” the chief justice asked me.

Loretta Ellsworth

Traveling to Poland

Eleven years ago I traveled to Poland for the marriage of my son to his Polish fiancée. It was my first experience abroad, and one that has stood out in my mind in the years since.

Red Star Balloon

A Personal Reflection on New Year’s Eve Day

It is the last day of 2017, the eve of a new year. I’ve taken the ornaments off our Christmas tree and laid them out on a black and white wool blanket on the cocktail table. For the first time, I took a picture of the complete collection before individually wrapping and storing them in… Read More