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Through an Artist’s Eyes, Part Two

In the weeks before traveling to British Columbia to see two major exhibitions of paintings by Emily Carr—one of Canada’s most celebrated and fascinating artists—I read and researched everything I could about her.

Through an Artist’s Eyes, Part One

The decision to travel to British Columbia this past November was an impulsive one, uncharacteristic of my ‘long-range planning’ approach to life acquired during my career as a public school administrator. My invitation to do so appeared on the front page of the New York Times Travel Section on October 2, 2017, with the headline: “Vancouver Island, Through an Artist’s Eyes.”

One Hundred Graces

The Peace of Wild Things

On this Thanksgiving Day, 2017, I wish you good food, friends and family; gratitude and grace; and “The Peace of Wild Things,” a poem by Wendell Berry, taken from One Hundred Graces. My husband always reads a selection from this collection at the start of each holiday meal that our family is blessed to share… Read More