When Wishes Come True

Tango is traveling by boat on the ocean with his person, Marcellina, and her boyfriend Diego when Tango is washed overboard! In the months that follow, his fondest wish is to find his way home to Marcellina. He does everything within his power to make that wish come true. He has a lot of help from the other animals on Prince Edward Island, particularly Beau, a fox, and Nigel, a cat..

Fox on Prince Edward Island

Fox on Prince Edward Island [credit: Dennis Jarvis]

How about you? What’s your fondest wish? Have you asked your friends to help that wish come true?

This would make a wonderful story. Write a story about your wish with a beginning, a middle, and an end. When it’s done, read it over a couple of times, imagining you are a friend of yours reading this story. Do you see places where it could use revising?

When you’re done, share the story with your family and your teacher.

Have fun writing!

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