A Fresh Look

Eileen Beha

With the winds of spring, refreshing rains, and the arrival of goldfinches at my bird feeder, I felt that new author photos were in order.

I would like to thank Katherine Warde, co-owner of Addendum Books, for a fun and inspired portrait sitting, both indoors and out; and Vicki Palmquist of Winding Oak for giving a fresh look to my website and promotional materials.

Happy April to all!

3 thoughts on “A Fresh Look

  1. Beautiful photo, Eileen!
    Happy Easter!I’m reading Richard Rohr today (Falling Upward), and I thank you for making me aware of him! Let’s have lunch one day and compare “spiritual exploration” notes
    Much love, Georgia

    1. Happy Easter to you, Dear Friend. I’ve been reading “Wonderous Encounters: Scripture for Lent,” also by Richard Rohr; so yes, we have to have lunch soon and compare notes.

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