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Tango: The Tale of an Island Dog

Tango is used to the good life. He has a silver heart charm for his dog
collar, a luxurious doggy bed—even specially-made booties for taking walks
in Central Park. But disaster strikes when Tango’s owners sail into stormy waters
off the coast of Nova Scotia and the little Yorkie is swept overboard. Washed ashore on Prince Edward Island, Tango waits for his owners to come for him. As days turn into weeks, Tango despairs of ever getting back to Manhattan—unless he does something about it himself.

Told by an omniscient narrator, Tango's tale shifts perspectives, alternating chapter by chapter between three animal and two human characters: Tango, a shipwrecked Yorkshire terrier; Beau, an island fox with a long-held secret; Augusta, a broken-hearted widow; Nigel, a three-legged cat fallen on hard times; and McKenna, a young Mi'kmaq girl who is on the run.

Will the little dog who is used to the good life find a place that his heart calls home?

Sweet memories of Tango

Awards and Honors
Great Stone Face Award nominee, 2010-2011
Indian Paintbrush Book Award nominee, Wyoming, 2011-2012
Keystone to Reading Award nominee, 2010-2011
Massachusetts Children's Book Award nominee, 2013-14
Mississippi Magnolia Children's Choice Book Award, 2012
Sasquatch Reading Award nominee, Washington, 2012
South Carolina Book Award nominee, 2011-2012

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